Enter a command. For example: e2fsck, flock, cgroups, zile, snake4scores.


Inspect a NixOS configuration. More information:
  • List all subkeys of a given option key:
    nixos-option {{option_key}}
  • List current boot kernel modules:
    nixos-option boot.kernelModules
  • List authorized keys for a specific user:
    nixos-option users.users.{{username}}.openssh.authorizedKeys.{{keyFiles|keys}}
  • List all remote builders:
    nixos-option nix.buildMachines
  • List all subkeys of a given key on another NixOS configuration:
    NIXOS_CONFIG={{path_to_configuration.nix}} nixos-option {{option_key}}
  • Show recursively all values of a user:
    nixos-option -r users.users.{{user}}

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