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Starts NixOS containers using Linux containers. More information:
  • List running containers:
    sudo nixos-container list
  • Create a NixOS container with a specific configuration file:
    sudo nixos-container create {{container_name}} --config-file {{nix_config_file_path}}
  • Start, stop, terminate, or destroy a specific container:
    sudo nixos-container {{start|stop|terminate|destroy|status}} {{container_name}}
  • Run a command in a running container:
    sudo nixos-container run {{container_name}} -- {{command}} {{command_arguments}}
  • Update a container configuration:
    sudo $EDITOR /var/lib/container/{{container_name}}/etc/nixos/configuration.nix && sudo nixos-container update {{container_name}}
  • Enter an interactive shell session on an already-running container:
    sudo nixos-container root-login {{container_name}}

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