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Allows configuration of tables, chains and rules provided by the Linux kernel firewall. Nftables replaces iptables. More information:
  • View current configuration:
    sudo nft list ruleset
  • Add a new table with family "inet" and table "filter":
    sudo nft add table {{inet}} {{filter}}
  • Add a new chain to accept all inbound traffic:
    sudo nft add chain {{inet}} {{filter}} {{input}} \{ type {{filter}} hook {{input}} priority {{0}} \; policy {{accept}} \}
  • Add a new rule to accept several TCP ports:
    sudo nft add rule {{inet}} {{filter}} {{input}} {{tcp}} {{dport \{ telnet, ssh, http, https \} accept}}
  • Add a NAT rule to translate all traffic from the subnet to the host's public IP:
    sudo nft add rule {{nat}} {{postrouting}} ip saddr {{}} {{masquerade}}
  • Show rule handles:
    sudo nft --handle --numeric list chain {{family}} {{table}} {{chain}}
  • Delete a rule:
    sudo nft delete rule {{inet}} {{filter}} {{input}} handle {{3}}
  • Save current configuration:
    sudo nft list ruleset > {{/etc/nftables.conf}}

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