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Produce exports of data stored in a MongoDB instance formatted as JSON or CSV. More information:
  • Export a collection to stdout, formatted as JSON:
    mongoexport --uri={{connection_string}} --collection={{collection_name}}
  • Export the documents in the specified collection that match a query to a JSON file:
    mongoexport --db={{database_name}} --collection={{collection_name}} --query="{{query_object}}" --out={{path/to/file.json}}
  • Export documents as a JSON array instead of one object per line:
    mongoexport --collection={{collection_name}} --jsonArray
  • Export documents to a CSV file:
    mongoexport --collection={{collection_name}} --type={{csv}} --fields="{{field1,field2,...}}" --out={{path/to/file.csv}}
  • Export documents that match the query in the specified file to a CSV file, omitting the list of field names on the first line:
    mongoexport --collection={{collection_name}} --type={{csv}} --fields="{{field1,field2,...}}" --queryFile={{path/to/file}} --noHeaderLine --out={{path/to/file.csv}}
  • Export documents to stdout, formatted as human-readable JSON:
    mongoexport --uri={{mongodb_uri}} --collection={{collection_name}} --pretty
  • Display help:
    mongoexport --help

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