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Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON. More information:
  • Pretty-print a CSV file in a tabular format:
    mlr --icsv --opprint cat {{example.csv}}
  • Receive JSON data and pretty print the output:
    echo '{"hello":"world"}' | mlr --ijson --opprint cat
  • Sort alphabetically on a field:
    mlr --icsv --opprint sort -f {{field}} {{example.csv}}
  • Sort in descending numerical order on a field:
    mlr --icsv --opprint sort -nr {{field}} {{example.csv}}
  • Convert CSV to JSON, performing calculations and display those calculations:
    mlr --icsv --ojson put '${{newField1}} = ${{oldFieldA}}/${{oldFieldB}}' {{example.csv}}
  • Receive JSON and format the output as vertical JSON:
    echo '{"hello":"world", "foo":"bar"}' | mlr --ijson --ojson --jvstack cat
  • Filter lines of a compressed CSV file treating numbers as strings:
    mlr --prepipe 'gunzip' --csv filter -S '${{fieldName}} =~ "{{regular_expression}}"' {{example.csv.gz}}

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