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CUPS tool for printing files. See also lpstat and lpadmin for listing and configuring printers. More information:
  • Print a file to the default printer:
    lpr {{path/to/file}}
  • Print 2 copies:
    lpr -# {{2}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Print to a named printer:
    lpr -P {{printer}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Print either a single page (e.g. 2) or a range of pages (e.g. 2–16):
    lpr -o page-ranges={{2|2-16}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Print double-sided either in portrait (long) or in landscape (short):
    lpr -o sides={{two_sided_long_edge|two_sided_short_edge}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Set page size (more options may be available depending on setup):
    lpr -o media={{a4|letter|legal}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Print multiple pages per sheet:
    lpr -o number-up={{2|4|6|9|16}} {{path/to/file}}

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