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Manipulate the Linux kernel keyring. More information:
  • List keys in a specific keyring:
    keyctl list {{target_keyring}}
  • List current keys in the user default session:
    keyctl list {{@us}}
  • Store a key in a specific keyring:
    keyctl add {{type_keyring}} {{key_name}} {{key_value}} {{target_keyring}}
  • Store a key with its value from standard input:
    echo -n {{key_value}} | keyctl padd {{type_keyring}} {{key_name}} {{target_keyring}}
  • Put a timeout on a key:
    keyctl timeout {{key_name}} {{timeout_in_seconds}}
  • Read a key and format it as a hex-dump if not printable:
    keyctl read {{key_name}}
  • Read a key and format as-is:
    keyctl pipe {{key_name}}
  • Revoke a key and prevent any further action on it:
    keyctl revoke {{key_name}}

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