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The command-line REST tool for the Handshake blockchain. More information:
  • Retrieve information about the current server:
    hsd-cli info
  • Broadcast a local transaction:
    hsd-cli broadcast {{transaction_hex}}
  • Retrieve a mempool snapshot:
    hsd-cli mempool
  • View a transaction by address or hash:
    hsd-cli tx {{address_or_hash}}
  • View a coin by its hash index or address:
    hsd-cli coin {{hash_index_or_address}}
  • View a block by height or hash:
    hsd-cli block {{height_or_hash}}
  • Reset the chain to the specified block:
    hsd-cli reset {{height_or_hash}}
  • Execute an RPC command:
    hsd-cli rpc {{command}} {{args}}

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