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git show-branch

Show branches and their commits. More information:
  • Show a summary of the latest commit on a branch:
    git show-branch {{branch_name|ref|commit}}
  • Compare commits in the history of multiple commits or branches:
    git show-branch {{branch_name|ref|commit}}
  • Compare all remote tracking branches:
    git show-branch --remotes
  • Compare both local and remote tracking branches:
    git show-branch --all
  • List the latest commits in all branches:
    git show-branch --all --list
  • Compare a given branch with the current branch:
    git show-branch --current {{commit|branch_name|ref}}
  • Display the commit name instead of the relative name:
    git show-branch --sha1-name --current {{current|branch_name|ref}}
  • Keep going a given number of commits past the common ancestor:
    git show-branch --more {{5}} {{commit|branch_name|ref}} {{commit|branch_name|ref}} {{...}}

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