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A system to integrate the Debian package build system with Git. More information:
  • Convert an existing Debian package to gbp:
    gbp import-dsc {{path/to/package.dsc}}
  • Build the package in the current directory using the default builder (debuild):
    gbp buildpackage -jauto -us -uc
  • Build a package in a pbuilder environment for Debian Bullseye:
    DIST={{bullseye}} ARCH={{amd64}} gbp buildpackage -jauto -us -uc --git-builder={{git-pbuilder}}
  • Specify a package to be a source-only upload in the .changes file (see
    gbp buildpackage -jauto -us -uc --changes-options={{-S}}
  • Import a new upstream release:
    gbp import-orig --pristine-tar {{path/to/package.tar.gz}}

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