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Command-line fuzzy finder. Similar to sk. More information:
  • Start fzf on all files in the specified directory:
    find {{path/to/directory}} -type f | fzf
  • Start fzf for running processes:
    ps aux | fzf
  • Select multiple files with Shift + Tab and write to a file:
    find {{path/to/directory}} -type f | fzf --multi > {{filename}}
  • Start fzf with a specified query:
    fzf --query "{{query}}"
  • Start fzf on entries that start with core and end with either go, rb, or py:
    fzf --query "^core go$ | rb$ | py$"
  • Start fzf on entries that not match pyc and match exactly travis:
    fzf --query "!pyc 'travis"

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