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Ergonomic Bitcoin wallet and private key management. More information:
  • Create a new wallet:
    electrum -w {{new_wallet.dat}} create
  • Restore an existing wallet from seed offline:
    electrum -w {{recovery_wallet.dat}} restore -o
  • Create a signed transaction offline:
    electrum mktx {{recipient}} {{amount}} -f 0.0000001 -F {{from}} -o
  • Display all wallet receiving addresses:
    electrum listaddresses -a
  • Sign a message:
    electrum signmessage {{address}} {{message}}
  • Verify a message:
    electrum verifymessage {{address}} {{signature}} {{message}}
  • Connect only to a specific electrum-server instance:
    electrum -p socks5:{{}}:9050 -s {{56ckl5obj37gypcu.onion}}:50001:t -1

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