Enter a command. For example: bpftrace, sensors, ifup, dnsrecon.


Dynamic menu. Creates a menu from a text input with each item on a new line. More information:
  • Display a menu of the output of the ls command:
    {{ls}} | dmenu
  • Display a menu with custom items separated by a new line (\n):
    echo -e "{{red}}\n{{green}}\n{{blue}}" | dmenu
  • Let the user choose between multiple items and save the selected one to a file:
    echo -e "{{red}}\n{{green}}\n{{blue}}" | dmenu > {{color.txt}}
  • Launch dmenu on a specific monitor:
    ls | dmenu -m {{1}}
  • Display dmenu at the bottom of the screen:
    ls | dmenu -b

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