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DNS lookup utility. More information:
  • Lookup the IP(s) associated with a hostname (A records):
    dig +short {{}}
  • Get a detailed answer for a given domain (A records):
    dig +noall +answer {{}}
  • Query a specific DNS record type associated with a given domain name:
    dig +short {{}} {{A|MX|TXT|CNAME|NS}}
  • Get all types of records for a given domain name:
    dig {{}} ANY
  • Specify an alternate DNS server to query:
    dig @{{}} {{}}
  • Perform a reverse DNS lookup on an IP address (PTR record):
    dig -x {{}}
  • Find authoritative name servers for the zone and display SOA records:
    dig +nssearch {{}}
  • Perform iterative queries and display the entire trace path to resolve a domain name:
    dig +trace {{}}

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