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Command-line for CRI-compatible container runtimes. More information:
  • List all kubernetes pods (Ready and NotReady):
    crictl pods
  • List all containers (Running and Exited):
    crictl ps --all
  • List all images:
    crictl images
  • Print information about specific containers:
    crictl inspect {{container_id1 container_id2 ...}}
  • Open a specific shell inside a running container:
    crictl exec -it {{container_id}} {{sh}}
  • Pull a specific image from a registry:
    crictl pull {{image:tag}}
  • Print and [f]ollow logs of a specific container:
    crictl logs -f {{container_id}}
  • Remove one or more images:
    crictl rmi {{image_id1 image_id2 ...}}

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