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A tool to throttle the CPU usage of other processes. More information:
  • Limit an existing process with PID 1234 to only use 25% of the CPU:
    cpulimit --pid {{1234}} --limit {{25%}}
  • Limit an existing program by its executable name:
    cpulimit --exe {{program}} --limit {{25}}
  • Launch a given program and limit it to only use 50% of the CPU:
    cpulimit --limit {{50}} -- {{program arg1 arg2 ...}}
  • Launch a program, limit its CPU usage to 50% and run cpulimit in the background:
    cpulimit --limit {{50}} --background -- {{program}}
  • Kill its process if the program's CPU usage goes over 50%:
    cpulimit --limit 50 --kill -- {{program}}
  • Throttle both it and its child processes so that none go about 25% CPU:
    cpulimit --limit {{25}} --monitor-forks -- {{program}}

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