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Tool for structural code search and replace that supports many languages. More information:
  • Match and rewrite templates, and print changes:
    comby '{{assert_eq!(:[a], :[b])}}' '{{assert_eq!(:[b], :[a])}}' {{.rs}}
  • Match and rewrite with rewrite properties:
    comby '{{assert_eq!(:[a], :[b])}}' '{{assert_eq!(:[b].Capitalize, :[a])}}' {{.rs}}
  • Match and rewrite in-place:
    comby -in-place '{{match_pattern}}' '{{rewrite_pattern}}'
  • Only perform matching and print matches:
    comby -match-only '{{match_pattern}}' ""

This is a tldr pages (source, CC BY 4.0) web wrapper for All commands, popular commands, most used linux commands. Referrals. Progressive Web Application (PWA) version to install on your device.