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cargo rustc

Compile a Rust package, and pass extra options to the compiler. More information:
  • Build the package or packages defined by the Cargo.toml manifest file in the current working directory:
    cargo rustc
  • Build artifacts in release mode, with optimizations:
    cargo rustc --release
  • Compile with architecture-specific optimizations for the current CPU:
    cargo rustc --release -- -C target-cpu=native
  • Compile with speed optimization:
    cargo rustc -- -C opt-level {{1|2|3}}
  • Compile with [s]ize optimization (z also turns off loop vectorization):
    cargo rustc -- -C opt-level {{s|z}}
  • Check if your package uses unsafe code:
    cargo rustc --lib -- -D unsafe-code
  • Build a specific package:
    cargo rustc --package {{package}}
  • Build only the specified binary:
    cargo --bin {{name}}

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