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btrfs filesystem

Manage btrfs filesystems. More information:
  • Show filesystem usage (optionally run as root to show detailed information):
    btrfs filesystem usage {{path/to/btrfs_mount}}
  • Show usage by individual devices:
    sudo btrfs filesystem show {{path/to/btrfs_mount}}
  • Defragment a single file on a btrfs filesystem (avoid while a deduplication agent is running):
    sudo btrfs filesystem defragment -v {{path/to/file}}
  • Defragment a directory recursively (does not cross subvolume boundaries):
    sudo btrfs filesystem defragment -v -r {{path/to/directory}}
  • Force syncing unwritten data blocks to disk(s):
    sudo btrfs filesystem sync {{path/to/btrfs_mount}}
  • Summarize disk usage for the files in a directory recursively:
    sudo btrfs filesystem du --summarize {{path/to/directory}}

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