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btrfs device

Manage devices in a btrfs filesystem. More information:
  • Add one or more devices to a btrfs filesystem:
    sudo btrfs device add {{path/to/block_device1}} [{{path/to/block_device2}}] {{path/to/btrfs_filesystem}}
  • Remove a device from a btrfs filesystem:
    sudo btrfs device remove {{path/to/device|device_id}} [{{...}}]
  • Display error statistics:
    sudo btrfs device stats {{path/to/btrfs_filesystem}}
  • Scan all disks and inform the kernel of all detected btrfs filesystems:
    sudo btrfs device scan --all-devices
  • Display detailed per-disk allocation statistics:
    sudo btrfs device usage {{path/to/btrfs_filesystem}}

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