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A package manager optimized for front-end web development. A package can be a GitHub user/repo shorthand, a Git endpoint, a URL or a registered package. More information:
  • Install a project's dependencies, listed in its bower.json:
    bower install
  • Install one or more packages to the bower_components directory:
    bower install {{package}} {{package}}
  • Uninstall packages locally from the bower_components directory:
    bower uninstall {{package}} {{package}}
  • List local packages and possible updates:
    bower list
  • Display help information about a bower command:
    bower help {{command}}
  • Create a bower.json file for your package:
    bower init
  • Install a specific dependency version, and add it to bower.json:
    bower install {{local_name}}={{package}}#{{version}} --save

This is a tldr pages (source, CC BY 4.0) web wrapper for All commands, popular commands, most used linux commands. Referrals. Progressive Web Application (PWA) version to install on your device.