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az vm

Manage virtual machines in Azure. Part of az, the command-line client for Microsoft Azure. More information:
  • List details of available Virtual Machines:
    az vm list
  • Create an UbuntuServer 18.04 LTS Virtual Machine and generate ssh keys:
    az vm create --resource-group {{rg}} --name {{vm_name}} --image {{Canonical:UbuntuServer:18.04-LTS:latest}} --admin-user {{azureuser}} --generate-ssh-keys
  • Stop a Virtual Machine:
    az vm stop --resource-group {{rg}} --name {{vm_name}}
  • Deallocate a Virtual Machine:
    az vm deallocate --resource-group {{rg}} --name {{vm_name}}
  • Start a Virtual Machine:
    az vm start --resource-group {{rg}} --name {{vm_name}}
  • Restart a Virtual Machine:
    az vm restart --resource-group {{rg}} --name {{vm_name}}
  • List VM images available in the Azure Marketplace:
    az vm image list

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