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az storage blob

Manage blob storage containers and objects in Azure. Part of azure-cli. More information:
  • Download a blob to a file path:
    az storage blob download --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}} -c {{container_name}} -n {{path/to/blob}} -f {{path/to/local_file}}
  • Download blobs from a blob container recursively:
    az storage blob download-batch --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}} -s {{container_name}} -d {{path/to/remote}} --pattern {{filename_regex}} --destination {{path/to/destination}}
  • Upload a local file to blob storage:
    az storage blob upload --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}} -c {{container_name}} -n {{path/to/blob}} -f {{path/to/local_file}}
  • Delete a blob object:
    az storage blob delete --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}} -c {{container_name}} -n {{path/to/blob}}
  • Generate a shared access signature for a blob:
    az storage blob generate-sas --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}} -c {{container_name}} -n {{path/to/blob}} --permissions {{permission_set}} --expiry {{Y-m-d'T'H:M'Z'}} --https-only

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