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Shell script implementing ACME client protocol, an alternative to certbot. See also dns. More information:
  • Issue a certificate using webroot mode:
 --issue --domain {{}} --webroot {{/path/to/webroot}}
  • Issue a certificate for multiple domains using standalone mode using port 80:
 --issue --standalone --domain {{}} --domain {{}}
  • Issue a certificate using standalone TLS mode using port 443:
 --issue --alpn --domain {{}}
  • Issue a certificate using a working Nginx configuration:
 --issue --nginx --domain {{}}
  • Issue a certificate using a working Apache configuration:
 --issue --apache --domain {{}}
  • Issue a wildcard (\*) certificate using an automatic DNS API mode:
 --issue --dns {{dns_cf}} --domain {{*}}
  • Install certificate files into the specified locations (useful for automatic certificate renewal):
 --install-cert -d {{}} --key-file {{/path/to/}} --fullchain-file {{/path/to/}} --reloadcmd {{"systemctl force-reload nginx"}}

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