The Unicode Character Code Charts By Script

European Alphabets African Scripts Indic Scripts East Asian Scripts Central Asian Scripts
Armenian Ethiopic Bengali Han Ideographs Kharoshthi
Armenian Ethiopic Devanagari Unified CJK Ideographs (~10m) Mongolian
Armenian Ligatures Ethiopic Supplement Gujarati CJK Ideographs Ext. A (~2m) Phags-Pa (5.0)
Coptic Ethiopic Extended Gurmukhi CJK Ideographs Ext. B (~30m) Tibetan
Coptic Other African scripts Kannada Compatibility Ideographs  
Coptic in Greek block N'Ko (5.0) Limbu Compatibility Ideo. Suppl.  
Cyrillic Tifinagh Malayalam Kanbun  
Cyrillic Middle Eastern Scripts Oriya   Ancient Scripts
Cyrillic Supplement Arabic Sinhala Radicals and Strokes Ancient Greek
Georgian Arabic Syloti Nagri CJK Radicals Ancient Greek Numbers
Georgian Arabic Supplement Tamil KangXi Radicals Ancient Greek Musical
Georgian Supplement Arabic Presentation Forms A Telugu CJK Strokes Cuneiform
Greek Arabic Presentation Forms B   Ideographic Description Cuneiform (5.0)
Greek Hebrew Philippine Scripts Chinese-specific Cuneiform Numbers (5.0)
Greek Extended Hebrew Buhid BopomofoBopomofo Extended Old Persian
(see also Ancient Greek) Hebrew Presentation Forms Hanunoo Japanese-specific Ugaritic
Latin Other ME Scripts Tagalog Hiragana Linear B
Basic Latin Syriac Tagbanwa Katakana Linear B Syllabary
Latin-1 Thaana   Katakana Phonetic Extensions Linear B Ideograms
Latin Extended A American scripts South East Asian Halfwidth Katakana Other Ancient Scripts
Latin Extended B Canadian Syllabics Buginese Korean-specific Aegean Numbers
Latin Extended C (5.0) Cherokee Balinese (5.0) Hangul Syllables (~2m) Counting Rod Num. (5.0)
Latin Extended D (5.0) Deseret Khmer Hangul Jamo Cypriot Syllabary
Latin Extended Additional   Khmer Symbols Hangul Compatibility Jamo Gothic
Latin Ligatures Other Scripts Lao Halfwidth Jamo Old Italic
Fullwidth Latin Letters Shavian Myanmar Yi Ogham
Small Forms Osmanya New Tai Lue Yi Runic
(see also Phonetic Symbols) Glagolitic Tai Le Yi Radicals Phoenician (5.0)