HTML/XHTML in one page
    Templates: Standarte template (simple HTML/XHTML document), Simple frame document, All doctypes;
    Main elements: Usual text, Comments, Links and Anchors, Images;
    Grouping elements: Block-level grouping, Inline grouping;
    Structured text: Usual text, Emphasis, Strong Emphasis, Citation, Abbreviation, Acronym, Code, Sample, Variable, Defining instance, User's text, Quotations, Subscript, Superscript, Document changes;
    Font style: monospaced text, italic text style, bold text style, "large" font, "small" font, underlined text, striked text;
    Structured document: Usual text, Preformatted Text, Breaks, Paragraph, Headings, Unordered list, Ordered list, Definition list, Table;
    Form's elements: Form's templates, Input, Text field, Password field, Checkbox, Radio, Submit button, Reset button, Hidden field, Image, File field, Select element, Text Area, Label;
    Other: Appendix "HTML/XHTML Character Entities", Appendix "URL Encoded Characters", Related References (Review, Documentation, etc.), Tools (Validators, etc.).
   Standarte template (simple HTML/XHTML document)  Simple frame document
  <html lang="en">


  <meta charset="utf-8" />

  <title>... replace with your document's title ...</title>

  <meta name="description" content="... replace with your document's description ..." />
  <meta name="keywords" content="... replace with your document's keywords ..." />

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="... replace with your document's stylesheet location ..." />

   ... CSS ...

   ... JavaScript ...


  ... replace with your document's content ...


  <title>A simple frameset document</title>

 <frameset cols="20%, 80%">
  <frameset rows="100, 200">
   <frame src="contents_of_frame1.html" />
   <frame src="contents_of_frame2.gif" />
  <frame src="contents_of_frame3.html" />
   <p>This frameset document contains:</p>
    <li><a href="contents_of_frame1.html">Some neat contents</a></li>
    <li><img src="contents_of_frame2.gif" alt="A neat image" /></li>
    <li><a href="contents_of_frame3.html">Some other neat contents</a></li>

   Text  Preformatted Text: <pre> </pre> Form's templates 
  This is a text. This is a text.
voclass Node::Remove()
 if (prev)
 prev->next = next;
 else if (parent)
 if (next)
 next->prev = prev;
 parent = null;
voclass Node::Remove()
 if (prev)
 prev->next = next;
 else if (parent)
 if (next)
 next->prev = prev;
 parent = null;
<form action="... url of cgi script ... " method="get" name="" id="" >
...form contents...
   Comments: <!-- -->
  <!--This is a comments-->
   Links and anchors: <a href=" "> </a>
  This a link to <a href="" title=""></a>.
And this a link to <a href="" title="" target="_blank"></a> (opened in new page).
This a link to

And this a link to (opened in new page).
<form action="... url of cgi script ... " method="put" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="" id="">
...form contents...
  <a href="#my-link">To my link</a>
<a name="my-link">My link</a>
To my link
My link
 Breaks: <br />
  First string.<br />Second string. First string.
Second string.
Input: <input /> 
   Paragraph: <p> </p> <input type="text"
size="32" maxlength="255"
name="" id="" />
  <a href="">Mail me</a> Mail me <p>This is the first paragraph</p>
<p>This is the second paragraph</p>

This is the first paragraph

This is the second paragrap

   Images: <img src=" " alt=" " />  Headings: <h1> </h1> <input type="password"
name="" id="" />
  <img src="logo.gif" width="" height="" alt="description" longdesc="long description" /> home page <h1>h1</h1>





   Block-level grouping elements:
<div> </div>
<input type="checkbox"
name="" value="" />First<br />
<input type="checkbox"
name="" value="" />Second
  <div class="" id=""><br />
element 1<br />
element 2<br />
element 2<br />

element 1
element 2
element 2
  <input type="radio"
name="" value="" />First<br />
<input type="radio"
name="" value="" />Second
   Inline grouping elements:
<span> </span>
 Unordered list: <ul><li> </li></ul>
 <li>first item</li>
 <li>second item</li>
 <li>third item</li>>
  • first item
  • second item
  • third item
  <span class="" id="">e1</span><br />
<span class="" id="">e2</span><br />
<span class="" id="">e3</span>
<input type="submit"
value="... submit ..." name="" id="" />
<em></em>; <strong></strong>
 Ordered list: <ol><li> </li></ol> <input type="reset"
value="... reset ..." name="" id="" />
 <li>first item</li>
 <li>second item</li>
 <li>third item</li>>
  1. first item
  2. second item
  3. third item
  <em>Emphasis.</em> Emphasis.
Stronger emphasis <input type="button"
value="... button ..." name="" id="" />
<cite> </cite> <q> </q>
 Definition list:
<dl><dt> </dt> <dd> </dd></dl>
  <input type="hidden" value="... value ..." name="... name ..." id="" /> 
  As <cite>Harry S. Truman</cite> said: <q lang="en-us">The buck stops here</q>. As Harry S. Truman said: The buck stops here. <dl>
 <dt>first term</dt>
 <dt>second term</dt>
 <dt>third term</dt>
first term
second term
third term
  <input type="image"
value="... value ..." name="" id="" />
   Abbreviation: <abbr></abbr>
  <abbr lang="en" title="World Wide Web">WWW</abbr> WWW
  <input type="file"
value="... file name ..." name="" id="" />
   Acronym: <acronym></acronym>  Table:
  <acronym lang="en" title="North Atlantic Treaty Organization">
  <table border="1" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="5" width="80%">
 <caption align="top">Example table</caption>
 <tr align="center">
  <th rowspan="2">Year</th>
  <th colspan="3">Sales</th>
  <!--2 cells-->
 <tr align="center">
  <!--1 cell-->
  <th valign="top">North</th>
  <th valign="middle">South</th>
  <th valign="bottom">Total</th>
 <tr align="center">
  <td align="left">2004</td>
  <td align="right">$10M</td>
  <td align="right">$8M</td>
  <td align="right">$18M</td>
 <tr align="center">
  <td align="left">2005</td>
  <td align="right">$14M</td>
  <td align="right">$11M</td>
  <td align="right">$25M</td>
 <tr align="center">
  <td align="left">2006</td>
  <td align="right">&nbsp;</td>
  <td align="right">&nbsp;</td>
  <td align="right">&nbsp;</td>
Example table
Year Sales
North South Total
2004 $10M $8M $18M
2005 $14M $11M $25M
   Code: <code> </code> <select name="" id="">
  <code>code</code> code
   Sample: <samp></samp>
  <samp>sample</samp> sample
   Variable: <var></var>
  <var>variable</var> variable
   Defining instance: <dfn></dfn> <select multiple="multiple" size="3" name="" id="">
 <option selected="selected">
 <option selected="selected">
  <dfn>defining instance</dfn> defining instance
   Text entered the user: <kbd></kbd>
  <kbd>user's text</kbd> user's text
  <blockquote cite=""> They went in single file, running like hounds on a strong scent, and an eager light was in their eyes. Nearly due west the broad swath of the marching Orcs tramped its ugly slot; the sweet grass of Rohan had been bruised and blackened as they passed. </blockquote>
They went in single file, running like hounds on a strong scent, and an eager light was in their eyes. Nearly due west the broad swath of the marching Orcs tramped its ugly slot; the sweet grass of Rohan had been bruised and blackened as they passed.
  <select name="" id="">
 <option selected="selected"
label="none" value="none">
 <optgroup label="Group 1">
  <option label="1.1" value="o_1.1">
Option 1.1</option>
  <option label="1.2" value="o_1.2">
Option 1.2</option>
  <option label="1.3" value="o_1.3">
Option 1.3</option>
 <optgroup label="Group 2">
  <option label="2.1" value="o_1.4">
Option 2.1</option>
  <option label="2.2" value="o_1.5">
Option 2.2</option>
 <optgroup label="Group 3">
  <option label="3.1" value="o_1.6">
Option 3.1</option>
  <option label="3.2" value="o_1.7">
Option 3.2</option>
   Subscript: <sub>/<sub>
  H<sub>2</sub>O H2O
   Superscript: <sup></sup>  Related References
  E=mc<sup>2</sup> E=mc2 Main pages:
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    Links - Hypertext and Media-Independent Links >>
    Objects, Images, and Applets >>
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   Document changes:
  A Sheriff can employ  <del>3</del> <ins datetime="" cite="" title="">5</ins> deputies. A Sheriff can employ 35 deputies.
  Font style: tt, i, b, big, small, strike, s, u
   <tt>monospaced text</tt> monospaced text
   <i>italic text style</i> italic text style
   <b>bold text style</b> bold text style
   <big>"large" font</big> "large" font
   <small>"small" font</small> "small" font Text area: <textarea></textarea> 
   Related themes <textarea name="" id=""
rows="6" cols="40">
First line of initial text.
Second line of initial text.
  CSS - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS.SU)
XML - eXtensible Markup Language (XML.SU)
DTD - DocType Declaration
  Label: <label></label> 
  <label for="id_text_area">First name</label>
  Tools  Miscellaneous 
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